Hey there, I’m Tina Dawson - a Photographer + Stylist + Writer living in Atlanta, GA

Through my work, I tell visual stories to evoke memories that bind us to food and love - for I believe it to be the universal language that all the world speaks fluently.

Vegan since 2017, my set designs attempt to visualize the connection between food and nature, just as my photography style leans towards the dark and moody end of the spectrum.

As a voracious learner, I’m always on the lookout for projects that take me on new journeys to explore my craft, test limits and expand horizons.


Food has been the pivot around which my existence has revolved.

- Tina Dawson


On my food blog Love is in my tummy, I create plant-based recipes with intense flavor profiles that are drawn from my life-long experiences at attempting to understand world cultures through food.

In my spare time, you’d find me either 1) in my garden covered in dirt, natural pesticides, compost and everything in between, or 2) scouting locations in remote parts of the North Georgia wilderness to create stunning tablescapes around which friends can gather to commune with nature and food.

Global Citizen. Proud Feminist. Change Advocate. Crazy Plant Lady.

It is a privilege to share my work with you.





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