Spring inspired Lavender Lemonade

I’ve been sitting on this recipe for the better part of a year; and for good reason too! Last Spring, when we moved into our first home, we were overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, not to mention the unexpected beauty that sprung from the ground with each season. Before we could enjoy the first wave of flowers, another hit, and kept leap frogging until the cold winds of Fall came blowing. Somewhere during the summer, I got my hands on some dried lavender and made this lemonade. The very first whiff, even before the taste, reminded me of a cool Spring morning, standing in my garden before the sun rose above the tree line.

When the world was still clean and wet with dew.

But by this time, Spring was long gone, and so were most of the blooms. I needed them, if I wanted to show you exactly how this drink tastes. So I waited, patiently for the next year’s cycle. And as the first flowers opened this year, I readied myself for it to get just warm enough to warrant a lemonade. [Here’s a photo tour of my Spring garden]

And a week ago, it did.  It was the perfect alignment – the blooms were still at their peak, but the weather was so much warmer. And on this day, I brewed the Lavender syrup for this incredible Lavender lemonade.

Get the recipe.

Tina DawsonComment